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I took on The Challenge thinking that it would be pretty simple. It's walking a bunch of tight ropes and keeping your balance as you go through one obstacle after the next. Holy cripes, it is way harder than I thought. Standing on the ground seeing people panic as they carefully took step after step made me laugh but once I got up there it was a different story. It was probably only about 10 or 15 minutes but it seemed like way longer. I can tell you that I didn't fall -- but there was a guy behind me who lost his footing right at the beginning and never redeemed himself.
JB chats about the water park

JB chats with fellow tourists
There are some playful dolphins you can interact with or just watch from a distance during the daily shows. I took part in a session where we went into the water with the dolphins. Aquaventuras also has sea lions though this guy seemed down for the count during our visit. The rash and injury on his back concerned me but I was told he was getting care from a vet and that he was OK. Still, he didn't look very happy and only glanced over in our direction a few times. Get well soon, little buddy.
Stay tuned: Next week we swim with dolphins in the ocean. It's very cool. There's an awesome video to go along with it!
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