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When you travel to a place like Puerto Vallarta the last thing you want to do is hang out in your hotel and do nothing. But I have to say, I wanted to hang out in my hotel room and do nothing. OK, well, not nothing. There was plenty to do. I had a few drinks, ate some food, enjoyed the hot tub on the terrace. But eventually I ventured down to the pool, the restaurants and the spa. You really can spend your entire vacation at the Marriott CasaMagna and never leave the grounds. Last time I was here they were doing major construction that seemed to get in the way, but everything is done and ready to go. Take a look at our mini tour.

I love taking you on a video tour of the fancy rooms I get when we do these travel shows. Check out the living room, the bathrooms, the bedroom and the terrace in this video of my fifth-floor suite at the Marriott CasaMagna.
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