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Tequila & tacos
As you walk through Puerto Vallarta it is not uncommon to smell different kinds of food within steps of each other. It makes you hungry even if you aren't hungry. We met up with Amanda for a walking tour of some good eating and drinking spots in PV. The tasting tour gave us samples of tacos, tequila, margaritas and local beer.
As we continued on the tour we learned all about the different hot spots where locals and tourists go to feed their cravings. Oh yeah, and we even ran into a couple of dogs that were getting into the food -- I hope it was the food and not the booze.
We also stopped at a liquor store where Amanda explained the different types of tequila and offered her recommendations for which ones to try and which ones to avoid at all costs. It's funny, prior to this I thought of tequila as something you shot, had it burn your nostrils and then vow to never have it again because it made you sick. There's actually a more mature way to drink tequila and it involves -- get this -- sipping it.
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