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Get your slide on
Earlier in the month we had such a great time with the kids on the Disney World adventure with Dreams Take Flight that we had people asking if we were going to the Puerto Vallarta water park. So at the very last minute we added it to the schedule and we spent a morning there.
We got to Aquaventuras before it opened for the day and got a tour of the place. It's way more than just a water park! There are zip lines, kiddie pools, rapids pool and even an endurance course that I just had to check out. Additionally, there's a chance to swim with dolphins. We did it all. So let's take a look!
Of course I couldn't go down the slides without bringing you along. Check out some of the crazy video -- screams included -- as I checked out Aquaventuras. I have to say, when you're clamping down for dear life the furthest thing from your mind is getting decent video that's framed properly. We're not GoPro'ing it up on these things!
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