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A day at the spa-aaah
Let's recap all the things that happened to my body during this trip to Puerto Vallarta: zip lining, rappeling, crazy water slides, endurance obstacle course, mule riding, speed boating, swimming with dolphins.. and that's all I can remember right now. So as with every trip to PV, I had to stop at the Marriott's Ohtli Spa.
This time I had a hot-stone treatment and a great massage. As much as I love the treatments I get I really enjoy checking out the other spa amenities before and after a massage. The steam room, sauna and various pools in the spa had me relaxing for hours -- literally hours. I visited the spa four times during the stay. The staff already knew me by first name I had appeared so many times. But it was exactly what I needed to unwind.
JB chats about the spa
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You can have a standard massage, get your body wrapped, have your nails done, get a little waxing, or workout in the fitness area, the spa has something for everyone. Don't think they forgot about couples because there's a whole host of stuff couples can do at the spa.
And if you need a break from the noise from a busy vacation, the quiet rooms are tranquil and relaxing. A great place to clear your head and gather your thoughts.

We weren't allowed to bring cameras into the spa so we thank our friends at the Marriott for providing the imagery.