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Ultimate swimming encounter
There's a whole lot of controversy about swimming with dolphins that have been captured and are owned by people. This time in Puerto Vallarta, we decided to head out into the ocean and swim with dolphins living free in the water. So we checked out Wildlife Connection and had an incredible day learning all about the families of dolphins living just off the coast of Mexico.
Before heading out our group got some background information about marine life and also exposure to the lifestyles and body construction of various water mammals.
From there we boarded the boat and it was off for a day of dolphin watching... and swimming. I have to tell you, it was nothing like I've ever experienced before.
JB chats about the adventure
It was fascinating seeing dolphins swim all around the boat and it was thrilling to finally get into the water as they swam all around.
With my mask and flippers I dove in and swam around hoping to attract some dolphins. Sure enough, they started coming.
Check out the video below for an extreme close up.
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